16 Apr 2021

Dogfish Head join the non-alcoholic party with a new wheat brew, the Lemon Quest

Developed in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (the world's leading environmental non-profit), Dogfish Head Brewing has created their first non-alcoholic beer, a wheat brew called the Lemon Quest.

Brewed with real lemon puree, blueberry juice, acai berries, monk fruit, sea salt and special, Hopsteiner Polyphenol-Rich Hop Pellets™, Lemon Quest is a super-refreshing, active lifestyle-oriented, non-alcoholic wheat beer that clocks in with just 90 calories per 12 oz. can.

Hitting store shelves in May, Lemon Quest will be one to pick up for summer. I'm hopeful we'll see more NA options from Dogfish Head in the near future.

30 Mar 2021

Athletic Brewing announce a new witbier for spring

Like fresh tracks on a mountainside just waiting to be skied, says Athletic Brewing on their newly announced Wit's Peak witbier.

Inspired by the luminance of spring and the zest it bestows upon is, Wit’s Peak is our homage to a traditional Witbier. Exploding with cues of citrus, coriander, and wheat, it is refreshingly bright yet soft and smooth.

Grab some while you can at Athletic Brewing or find it at your local beer supplier.

14 Mar 2021

2 years in the making, Just The Haze

Samuel Adams the leading independent brewers out of Boston have spent the last 2 years crafting a new non-alcoholic IPA for beer lovers, Just The Haze.

A good beer always hits the spot, but you don’t always want the buzz. So, we made a world-class IPA for beer lovers that just happens to be non-alcoholic. We remove the alcohol slow and gently, saving all the flavor for you. Rotate in this hazy, hoppy non-alcoholic IPA to your drinking sessions and get more out of your days, your nights, and every cheers in between.

I picked this up last week and I'm excited to write about it shortly, check back soon for the review.

11 Mar 2021

Big Drop Brewing lands in Chi-Town

Founded in London in 2016, Big Drop Brewing has landed state-side with their line-up of award-winning non-alcoholic beers now also brewed in Chicago as of early 2021.

Big Drop only produces non-alcoholic beers using a variety of barleys, ryes, wheat, and oats. Their beers are naturally brewed to less than 0.5% (so, no alcohol-removal process is required).

Big Drop's original wide-range of beers include Stout, Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Winter Ale, and a Sour. The beers available now from their US-based online store include the excellent Pine Trail Pale Ale (Promising review coming soon), as well as their Paradiso IPA and Galactic Extra Dark.

07 Mar 2021

Welcome to Promising, the soft-launch

Promising started like many other side-projects... I had an itch to scratch. I was expecting to be disappointed when I began exploring the world of non-alcoholic beers, but I was wrong. There‘s so much more to it than mainstream brands who‘ve boiled the alcohol off their regular products (naming no names).

What started as a flat-list of non-alcoholic beers quickly turned into a ranked list. However, what I wanted was a place to explore, showcase, and expand upon a simple rank – and thus, Promising was born.

There‘s a lot I‘d love to do here – as a designer - and as an avid beer fan. But for now, it‘s hitting publish.


Read more about Promising.