The Promising Rating System

96 - 100

An extraordinary beer, worth a special effort to find, purchase, and consume.

90 - 95

An outstanding beer of exceptional quality and taste, this beer is truly fantastic.

80 - 89

A very good beer, easily consumable with no obvious flaws. This will be enjoyed.

70 - 79

An average beer that’s well made but fairly straightforward.

60 - 69

A below average beer with very noticeable flaws and deficiencies.

50 - 59

A not great beer. Avoid.

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The Promising scoring system is designed to help differentiate all the beers reviewed spanning many different criteria such as style and variety. It needed to be something more than a "Like" or 1 to 5 stars. The Promising scoring system is a lightly modified version of the 100-point scale Robert Parker created for The Wine Advocate.

Pay attention to the expanded descriptions of each range, and note that these scores do not reveal all the facts about a particular beer. Given the subjectivity of tasting and the variances in criteria the written commentary and any other accompanying notes and details are a valuable source of information.