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Introduced in 1986 from the brewers of Guinness comes Kaliber, made with pure Irish spring water, classic Irish barley, and the finest... continue reading

Guinness, Dublin, Ireland
0.5% ABV


Lagunitas Brewing entered the non-alcoholic beer market at the end of 2020 with an homage to their most famous product. Lagunitas was... continue reading

Lagunitas Brewing, California, USA
0.5% ABV

Intentional IPA

A non-alcoholic beer designed intentionally for any occasion by Wellbeing Brewing from Missouri, who are solely dedicated to making NA... continue reading

Wellbeing Brewing, Missouri, USA
0.3% ABV

Budweiser Zero

America's most iconic beer brewer since 1876 has entered the market with their own non-alcoholic beer, Budweiser Zero. Bud's parent... continue reading

Anheuser-Busch, Missouri, USA
0.0% ABV

Sober White

Sober Carpenter is a non-alcoholic brewery born in Canada in 2019. The classic story of two brothers who started making their own beer as... continue reading

Sober Carpenter, Canada
0.5% ABV

Pine Trail Pale Ale

Big Drop only produces non-alcoholic beers using a variety of barleys, ryes, wheat, and oats. Using a wide variety and type of ingredient... continue reading

Big Drop Brewing, England
0.5% ABV

Non-Alcoholic Weissbräu

Erdinger has been brewing exceptional wheat beers since its founding in 1886. Remaining true to their Bavarian roots, every bottle is... continue reading

Erdinger, Germany
0.5% ABV

Special Effects Hoppy Amber

Brooklyn Brewery's Special Effects is a hoppy lager with an unexpected piney aroma and pleasantly bitter finish. The beer gets its... continue reading

Brooklyn Brewery, New York, USA
0.4% ABV

Cerveza Atletica

Athletic Brewing is attempting to pioneer the non-alcohol craft beer revolution. Born in Stratford Connecticut, Athletic brews only... continue reading

Athletic Brewing, Connecticut, USA
0.5% ABV

Heineken 0.0

Heineken may feel like a one-trick pony, however, their master brewers have utilized their expert skills to bring along a zero alcohol... continue reading

Heineken, Netherlands
0.0% ABV

Punk AF

Scottish powerhouse brewers BrewDog are on a self-proclaimed mission to revolutionize the beer industry. Summer 2019 saw the release of... continue reading

Brewdog, Scotland
0.5% ABV

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